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"We bought a house from Zach and his team in January of 2020 before and agreed to the terms before it was completed.  Zach was fair and flexible with making my wife and me happy with some personal touches we wanted added to the finish out.  After closing, Zach and his team checked on us periodically for months to ensure that the house had everything we wanted and there were no issues.  We've absolutely loved everything about our home.  Then, to make it even better, we had an unprecedented winter storm that caused incredible damage to our city.  Our home lost power for multiple days.  Luckily, likely due to the incredible construction work, we only had a busted water heater.  Before my wife, our baby, and I even returned to our home from a friend's house Adam (Zach's right-hand man as best we can tell) was over inspecting everything to check on us.  They had an extra water heater for a home they were working on and promptly got it installed and working.  We couldn't recommend Zach more as a partner in your home journey.  We might just skip the whole process next time and work with him directly because we have incredible faith in his integrity and craftsmanship.  We're always happy to speak directly with anyone looking to do business with Zach and consider ourselves very lucky to have found him through our incredible realtor Allison Olson - another person we would strongly recommend for anyone looking in Austin."



"We love our home built by Zach Savage Homes. The builder was extremely patient with us from beginning to end. He was fantastic to work with! There are always a few things to tie up at the end of the build process, and all issues on the punch list were addressed in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the quality that we ended up with. Four years later living in this home, we are extremely happy!"

Randi Tatsch


"After interviewing several contractors, we selected Zach Savage Homes to build our dream home in Travis Heights.  It was a complete home renovation, so we knew this was the most important decision in the process.

We personally connected with Zach during our initial meeting. But we're even more impressed with his experience, reputation and his approach to budgeting. We were pro-actively engaged throughout the design and construction process. He partnered extremely well with our architect to make sure we were all on the same page. If we had any concerns, he addressed them head on, was willing to work with us and provided us with viable options.

We met every other Friday to review progress and discussed how we were racking to our budget.  We moved

into our home in Jan. of 2017 and have been impressed with the quality and ongoing engagement by Zach Savage Homes. I highly recommend that Zach Savage Homes be added to your list of approved builders.

We are extremely proud to have a Zach Savage Home."

Janel and Michael


"Zach was the builder for my 850 square ft, two-story modern house with two rooftop decks and a two car garage.

This was my first experience building a custom home. Zach is knowledgeable, patient, helpful, courteous, and follows

up on every question and request. He had a professional team of contractors and listens to suggestions. He admits when he doesn't know something, but then, he finds out what you need to know. He communicates by text, email, telephone

and in person. He set up weekly meetings when needed. I highly recommend him."


Jackie and Rob


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