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At Zach Savage Custom Homes we offer several different services and have a pricing structure for each category

Custom Homes | Construction: Fixed Fee

Most often builders use what is referred to as the “cost plus” method. This is essentially a percentage, normally between 10% and 20%, added onto the total cost of the home. This is what the builder terms as their “profit”. Often times this method can lead to unexpected cost over-runs and can really do damage to a tight budget. These types of fee structures can also be very alluring during your builder selection process. Mainly because their numbers are normally bid lower to get your business, only to increase once the actual invoices for work completed start coming in for payment. There is also no incentive whatsoever for the builder to save you any money, after all, the more money you spend the more money they make.

With the “fixed price” method all your selections and pricing is agreed upon up front so that you know exactly what you will be spending. This method requires much more work in advance through soliciting bids and getting guaranteed pricing from trades and vendors. This also requires that all scopes of work, materials, finishes, and methods be decided on as well. As it relates to allowance selections and pricing we are all about transparency, our price is your price, we do not mark-up your selections and you will be free to discuss pricing openly with the vendors directly. This makes for a much smoother process on both the builder and customer side.

Benefits of Fixed Cost Pricing:

  • Avoid open ended agreements on what the final cost of the home will actually be.

  • Stay within your budget by knowing up front what you are actually going to spend.

  • We control your costs by watching ours.

  • Allows you to enjoy your build process by not having to worry about cost over runs and chasing paperwork

Remodels | Additions: Fixed Fee

While most remodel builders make it difficult for you to see what things actually cost, our philosophy is that it’s

your money and you should always be able to see what you are paying for—it’s all about you! With this approach

the pricing in your remodel proposal is the pricing directly from our vendors and trades with absolutely no mark-up applied from us. At the bottom of your remodel proposal will be our fee to complete your project. This fee is fixed and is based on complexity and the time estimated to complete the project, not the overall cost of the project. An example of this might be the type of countertops you choose. While level 1 quartz countertops are less expensive than level 5 quartz countertops, the level of effort to complete the installation is essentially the same. With most remodel builders, you will pay a percentage of the overall cost. Meaning, you are basically penalized for choosing

a more expensive finish-out—with Zach Savage Custom Homes, you are not. If you choose to work with

Zach Savage Custom Homes on a remodel/addition, you will be privy to every single invoice as they

will be sent directly to you for review.


We understand that the proposal process can be overwhelming and sometimes questions arise. Therefore, we will schedule a formal visit to discuss your proposal. If you have more specific questions about our pricing philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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